New presentations available at DataPOPEU

Dear DataPOPEU subscribers,

In the news section of our website, we have uploaded new presentations that you can watch. One of the new presentations is on Recruiting participants for a probability-based web survey sample via text messages (SMS) presented by DataPopEU's PI Ioannis Andreadis at WAPOR’s 74th Annual Conference, November 2-6, 2021.

You can also find a presentation titled: The American Voter vis-a-vis the Greek Voter: Similarities and Differences that was presented by DataPopEU's PI at the US politics and transatlantic relations after the 2020 elections workshop, 19 May 2021

and another one on Web survey data quality presented by DataPopEU's PI at AAPOR’s 76th Annual Conference, May 11-14, 2021.

Find all of them at: